Living in Color

Hello! So almost four months, and a visit from my youngest child, into my new life in the Caribbean, I feel like I’m finally getting a sense of my new home. The differences from my life in Europe could not be greater. Instead of free reign over miles and miles of cities and landscapes, I am limited to an island that is half the size of Tulsa, OK (my home city). Due to security concerns there are many parts of this island that are off limits to me. Add to that the tracts of land that are “exclusive,” and therefore not accessible without paying out large sums of money, and my world has significantly shrunk.

Photographically speaking, I could not be further from the wood and stone, browns and greys and deep forest colors that I am used to in my photos from Europe. The naturally sepia toned hues that dominate my personal favorites are absent in a country that is perpetually sunny and devoid of ancient ruins and hardwood forests.

However, there are pockets that are just explosions of bright colors. I decided my goal for this tour is to attempt to capture photos that celebrate that vibrancy. This means a major shift from my proclivities – from those shots that bring the viewer a feeling of spookiness, melancholy and nostalgia. I am still finding old historical houses and buildings that are in dire need of some love and restoration and you can bet that I am all over those. But while here in the Bahamas, I will be making a greater effort to make great photographs that are sunny, bright and convey a much different atmosphere than what I am most comfortable showcasing.


Hog Island Lighthouse

This is the oldest lighthouse in the West Indies, located at the tip of Paradise Island (formerly known as Hog Island), at the entrance to the Nassau Harbor. We finally made our way down to Junkanoo Beach (close to Fish Fry) this morning to grab a couple of shots of this iconic lighthouse. For the last several months I’ve been wondering where all the seagulls that you typically find near coasts were. Turns out they like the harbor downtown!

The New World (with discounts!)

Arklahoma Muse’s adventure has shifted to the Caribbean. For the next three years we will explore the Bahamas as much as we are able and hopefully get a good shot or two in the process!

But we have not forgotten our European adventures. There are many trips taken that have not received their due attention and I intend to finally sit down and comb through the backlog of pictures of my favorite places to find the best shots to share with you .

Thank you all for your patience while I juggle international life, kids transitioning into adulthood and my own childish adventures (mixed in with market research and exploration of multiple art forms).

Here is my first official Bahamas photo. Grab a cold drink and enjoy!


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Island life for Two

Island Life for Two

My Last Sale at Embassy Brussels


2014-09-18 12.41.32

Where it all began – a very timid booth at the Information Fair!


It was a very sad week for me! I had my last showing at the Tri-Mission Association shop at Embassy Brussels. I cannot express how thankful I am to the Embassy community for supporting my work and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zones in pursuit of more and more opportunities. This venture has been more successful than I ever would have imagined possible and I have learned so much along the way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your purchases, for your compliments and for your friendship!

Though I know I won’t have quite the same, sweet, set up I do here at Embassy Brussels at my next location, I now have a basis on which to build and learn, and I hope to get my online presence up and running as successfully as my in person sales. To that end, I will be slowly transitioning my photos onto my sale page at Here you will be able to continue purchasing my prints – framed, canvas, etc – as well as fun photo products for home, office, and personal use!

As a thank you, I would like to offer a 10% discount on my image markup on the sale site to my US Foreign Service community members. Contact me and let me know your name and your affiliation with the US Foreign Service and I will send you a discount code to use on your Arklahoma Muse purchase through the website.

Thank you and Happy Clicking!