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Joan in Paris

Joan in Paris

Limited Time Promotion on Color on the Caribbean!

Quick! Grab an 11″x14″ print on canvas of Color on the Caribbean at 25% off the normal retail value! These normally sell for over $80 and I am offering them at a substantial cut to my markup. Please feel free share my website and promotion with friends and family who may be interested!

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Pop of Color



Super Blue Blood Moon or Blue Super Blood Moon or Super Moon Blue Blood…

I actually managed to get out of bed early, walk the dog and be back in time to set up on my balcony to catch the Super Blue Blood Moon this past Wednesday morning. After the initial cloud cover cleared, I was cheered that I would actually get some great shots as the lunar eclipse changed the moon from white to red. My hopes were dashed however when the low lying clouds out of the north that often envelope New Providence’s west end rushed in to swallow the moon just as the color was beginning to change.

Guess I’ll have to be ready next January 21st when the next blood moon visible from North America comes around. Fingers crossed the clouds will help a sister out and stay away!

Here you can get just a tiny idea of the color changes between the evening and morning moons. I wanted to get a greater contrast, but it just wasn’t in the cards this year.


The New World (with discounts!)

Arklahoma Muse’s adventure has shifted to the Caribbean. For the next three years we will explore the Bahamas as much as we are able and hopefully get a good shot or two in the process!

But we have not forgotten our European adventures. There are many trips taken that have not received their due attention and I intend to finally sit down and comb through the backlog of pictures of my favorite places to find the best shots to share with you .

Thank you all for your patience while I juggle international life, kids transitioning into adulthood and my own childish adventures (mixed in with market research and exploration of multiple art forms).

Here is my first official Bahamas photo. Grab a cold drink and enjoy!


Oh, and it occurs to me that Christmas is coming soon! Why not give the gift of art to someone special this year? Shop prints, cards, and all kinds of photo gifts at www.pixels.com/artist/Brandy+Herren. It’s like two gifts in one – one for your recipient and one for me! Enjoy 20% off my mark up on your purchase using code JURSYT at checkout.

Island life for Two

Island Life for Two

My Last Sale at Embassy Brussels


2014-09-18 12.41.32

Where it all began – a very timid booth at the Information Fair!


It was a very sad week for me! I had my last showing at the Tri-Mission Association shop at Embassy Brussels. I cannot express how thankful I am to the Embassy community for supporting my work and encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zones in pursuit of more and more opportunities. This venture has been more successful than I ever would have imagined possible and I have learned so much along the way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your purchases, for your compliments and for your friendship!

Though I know I won’t have quite the same, sweet, set up I do here at Embassy Brussels at my next location, I now have a basis on which to build and learn, and I hope to get my online presence up and running as successfully as my in person sales. To that end, I will be slowly transitioning my photos onto my sale page at www.brandy-herren.pixels.com. Here you will be able to continue purchasing my prints – framed, canvas, etc – as well as fun photo products for home, office, and personal use!

As a thank you, I would like to offer a 10% discount on my image markup on the sale site to my US Foreign Service community members. Contact me and let me know your name and your affiliation with the US Foreign Service and I will send you a discount code to use on your Arklahoma Muse purchase through the website.

Thank you and Happy Clicking!


New Photos on the Belgium page! Take a scroll through the images…

Some of you (who are fans of my Facebook page) may have noticed a new venture I have started. I have discovered a new venue to selling photography online, here:


At the moment my Belgian stuff is only available directly through me, but pics from my previous travels are going up on the site little by little. Eventually, I will 1) upload more pictures to that site from New Zealand, Zambia, Mongolia, and the good ole US of A; and 2) get these same pictures uploaded here on my blog site.  Keep checking back to see what’s new and keep on liking my stuff both here, and in my store. Or take a leap and buy a print! Or a tote bag…

Thanks to all who continue to support me and help to make my photographic dreams come true!



La Brocante – En Couleur et B&W

Black and White or Color – Which is your favorite?

African Adventures – Photos from Zambia, South Africa and Namibia

Muli Bwanji?!

I have finally uploaded all the cards I have on hand from our lives in Zambia and New Zealand. My initial pass through the Zambian files have yielded quite a few gems and I took the time today to post some of them on my new page – African Adventures – Zambia, South Africa and Namibia. There are many more to come! Also, be on the lookout for the New Zealand page, coming soon. Please clicks through the photos and don’t hesitate to send me feedback and let me know what you think!

Zikomo! (Thank you in Nyanja)