Finding My Feet on the Back Roads

It’s been awhile since I picked up my camera. Or rather it’s been awhile since I picked up my camera without fear.

Due to some sort of joint/muscle problem keeping me wobbly I’ve been afraid. Afraid of falling, afraid of tripping, afraid that whatever is wrong with me is permanent or serious. In normal times my fear of doctors keeps me procrastinating, putting off getting that diagnosis. But this year, COVID-19 hit. And then we were in the process of moving to our forever home. So why start this fact finding journey in VA.

I finally have an appointment with a doctor so I whatever is wrong whether it’s just a funky disc, or something else, at least I’ll know. I do know that as I’ve lost some weight and cut way back on bread products, I seem to be walking better. Not sure what the correlation is, if any. Maybe I’m just having good days while these warmer, Indian summer days are here. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

So I took the opportunity this morning to wake up early and get out the door. I’m about 3 days too late for the better fall colors, but at least I’m out again. I needed to remind myself that I am still a creative individual. I needed to remind myself that I am a photographer. I needed to remember that I enjoy the exploration of the world around me and capturing the beauty of what I see in at least one or two good pictures.

Class of 2020

To all the 2020 high school seniors, the 2020 university seniors, and all those looking forward to the rituals and pomp & circumstance that signal to your psyche that you have, indeed, made it through to the next level, I say congratulations! Congratulations on your achievements, great and small. Congratulations on getting through this trying, difficult, disappointing, and weird time.

I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you find the things in life that lift you up and fill you with passion and joy. Take care. Stay safe. And use every opportunity to grow!

And to all my senior portrait clients this year, thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this very special milestone in your lives!


PS: Be sure to check out George Mason University graduate Sara’s photos on the portraiture page! 

Advert and Shadows

Advert and Shadows

Social distancing has me going back through the archives to dig up images that have stuck in my memory. They aren’t necessarily what everyone (anyone?) else likes, or would have bought, but I like them enough that I remember them every once in awhile. This is one from a day I found myself wandering around downtown Brussels, alone, chasing light and shadows.

Spring has Sprung

Jefferson Memorial, cherry blossoms, tidal basin, spring, Washington, DC

Like much of the world, Old Jefferson is a bit under the weather at the moment, but still enjoying the beauty of spring around him. With luck and perseverance, we will all be back to our old selves soon, looking and feeling better than ever. Just back away from the Easter candy!

Stay safe! Stay sane!

Getting Schooled

What a crazy busy fall I had in 2019! Through a friend’s connections I had the opportunity to do several senior portrait sessions with students at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, VA. Each session was very different in location, personality, lighting, and of course experience! I feel that each time I gained more knowledge, more confidence and more faith in myself as a portrait photographer. I thank all of my clients and their parents for their business, and I am excited for another season of portrait sessions! Please do check out my portrait packages and contact me at!

PS: 2020 will be a year of even more exciting changes for me. I will be in the greater DC metro area only until June and then I am off to live in my forever home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas! So if you are in the NoVA, DC, MD area and are interested in senior portraits, a refreshed family portrait, or need to quickly capture pics of the grandkids before they grow any bigger, please do contact me soon to schedule your appointments through mid June!

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