Welcome to Arklahoma Muse Photography and Design! 


I am very excited to share with you some of my favorite photos and experiences from around the world.  I am the trailing spouse of a U.S. diplomat and have been fortunate to serve with my family in some of the most amazing places. Our travels took us first to Haiti, Oman, Mongolia (all pre-digital photography!). Our next postings, in order, were Zambia, New Zealand, Belgium, The Bahamas, and DC. Along the way my hobby has transcended into a fun business and I now offer print sales and portrait sessions. I am continually learning and honing my craft, and I am excited to see how my photography evolves over time. I also look forward to finding new opportunities to share my work with all of you, whether that is through blog posts, portraiture sessions, or helping you to find the perfect photos for those walls!

Feel free to click around the site and should you wish to inquire about any of my photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

And please do “like” and “share” my site in as many ways are you are able! And buy your very own prints and fun products on my sale page at www.brandy-herren.pixels.com!

Another Man's Treasure

3. Another Man’s Treasure


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