Get Thee to the Hallerbos!

Check out my latest post on the Bluebell Forest at my personal blog site, Observations of an Okie.  There are pictures too!


Yes! The time has come! The bluebells have emerged in the Hallerbos a bit later this year than last, but they are up and the forest is beginning to glow in all its purple glory! If you live in Belgium, and have not yet had the chance to visit this wonder, you just, simply, must. Last Saturday I took my daughter and her boyfriend for a look. There were still a lot of the white wood anemones about and the bluebells were not yet at their peak. But it was still beautiful.

Predictions are that this week will see the bluebells in their prime. This website – – has been invaluable to me as I check the growth process. I have been out twice already (see this post as my alter ego, Arklahoma Muse on the Hallerbos in White)different times to see the different stages, and I plan on returning…

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