The New World (with discounts!)

Arklahoma Muse’s adventure has shifted to the Caribbean. For the next three years we will explore the Bahamas as much as we are able and hopefully get a good shot or two in the process!

But we have not forgotten our European adventures. There are many trips taken that have not received their due attention and I intend to finally sit down and comb through the backlog of pictures of my favorite places to find the best shots to share with you .

Thank you all for your patience while I juggle international life, kids transitioning into adulthood and my own childish adventures (mixed in with market research and exploration of multiple art forms).

Here is my first official Bahamas photo. Grab a cold drink and enjoy!


Oh, and it occurs to me that Christmas is coming soon! Why not give the gift of art to someone special this year? Shop prints, cards, and all kinds of photo gifts at It’s like two gifts in one – one for your recipient and one for me! Enjoy 20% off my mark up on your purchase using code JURSYT at checkout.

Island life for Two

Island Life for Two

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