Learning to Be RAW

So last weekend photographed Great Falls in the evening using the long exposure techniques shared by my fellow photographer Chrissy Donadi on The Visual Wilderness photography website. I used these same tips to capture the early morning shot of Blackwater Falls in Davis, West Virginia that I shared back in early July.

Now, both times I shot in both JPEG and RAW, but I didn’t use the RAW file to edit that Blackwater Falls photo. It turns out that I needed to make a series of updates to my Adobe Photoshop Elements software in order for it to let me access the RAW photos.

So with the necessary updates to allow me to open and edit RAW photos I decided to take the plunge and see what I could do with one of my earliest darker captures of Great Falls and this is what I came up with. I have other images I took later on that I think may be sharper, so once I choose which one to edit and accomplish that, I’ll share it. But I think for a first attempt at editing from RAW files, this isn’t so bad!

Now I just need to get Adobe Lightroom and make editing in RAW a consistent practice.

Great Falls in the Evening

Great Falls, VA


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